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Endtime Prophecy - What You've Never Been Told

The return of Christ is a topic of great interest for Christians the world over, but doctrines have convoluted this issue, concealing the far-reaching and fascinating facts surrounding this event. Unbeknownst to Christians worldwide, the return of Jesus is inextricably linked to many more issues than they've ever been taught. Whether it is the mysterious planet referred to as Nibiru or Planet X, the object known as the Ark of the Covenant, the planet Saturn, the phenomenon of UFO abductions, the Great Pyramid at Giza or their very own DNA, the connections of these things to the return of Christ have all been intentionally concealed for thousands of years; but the truth about these and many other issues are now being made known to the world, just as prophesied.

Proverbs 25:2 states 'it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to discover a matter'; and we believe that it is no mistake that the name McQuate means 'son of rule' as someone who has a kingly heritage. Daniel 12:4 tells us that 'the book' was sealed up until the time of the End when knowledge would increase and as you'll soon see, the knowledge of 'the book' is now being revealed, beyond the shadow of any doubt, in this and all of Dr. McQuate's fascinating works.

The new highly-acclaimed book The Red Dragon and the Sheep by Dr. Scott McQuate is one of the most important works that has ever been written dealing with Endtime prophecy. Through indepth biblical research and by using specialized methods of exegesis that draw from the most ancient language of the Sumerians, (the culture from which most of the Biblical stories were derived), Dr. McQuate has uncovered fascinating information that has been concealed for thousands of years. This information is a fulfillment of Daniel 12:4 as it reveals the truth of 'the book' that was sealed, only to be opened at this time in history. This information is not available from any other source and reveals information that the world has never known up to this point in history; and as a fact, this research provides answers to humanity's deepest questions that have puzzled anthropologists, historians, geneticists and theologians alike, since the beginning of time

It has been said that Dr. McQuate's research goes far beyond that of the famous Zechariah Sitchin and the riveting impact of their content has been compared to works such as The Davinci Code by Dan Brown; and by design, Dr. McQuate's works are not available from any other source. If you have an interest, you can learn how to find these answers and what to look for yourself and even be taught one-on-one by Dr. McQuate personally at the private learning network that he has created for that purpose by going to

Unraveling The Mystery Of Planet X

There is an ancient mystery surrounding Planet X or Planet Nibiru and a widespread interest in the whole end of the world phenomena, both of which Dr. McQuate's research will help you understand. Planet X or Nibiru has captivated the masses, however most of what is found in the popular media and on the Internet is full of half-truths, propaganda, disinformation and blatant lies, such as the information you may have heard about Planet X nasa has put out. After reading The Red Dragon and the Sheep, you will understand that there has absolutely that there has been a Planet X Nibiru conspiracy to keep the truth about this planet and the ones known as the Annunaki from being known...But now you can know the truth, from the most ancient texts, for the very first time.

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About Dr. McQuate

Dr. Scott McQuateDr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed lecturer and author recognized around the world for his powerful and elucidating research into ancient texts, including the Bible. He has been the featured guest on dozens of radio shows, has been offered two appearances on documentaries for the History Channel and has taught thousands of individuals from around the globe, many of whom have been students and members of his social and teaching network,The Inner Circle found at 

Understanding the hidden messages and mysteries of the ancient texts, including the Bible has become Dr. McQuate's life's work as well as his passion. As such, he has spent tens of thousands of hours digging up the truth that has been intentionally buried. Anyone who has has read any of Dr. McQuate's powerful, riveting works knows that they hold extraordinary value and that the scintillating content they provide is above and beyond the ordinary by anyone's standards; and you will be pleasantly surprised, if not shocked when you learn the fascinating truth he has discovered hidden within the ancient languages, stone tablets and cryptic stories of the Bible that he reveals in The Red Dragon and the Sheep as well.

The information Dr. McQuate has discovered is of the highest quality and will alter and heal your perception of the Creator's message to mankind. If you sincerely are looking for the truth, you will know once-and-for-all that you have found what you've been looking for when you read any of Dr. McQuate's works, listen to his audios or watch his videos. Dr. McQuate's discoveries are literally not available from any other source, are exclusive to his research and will transform your thinking. Dr. McQuate is a no-nonsense individual and has only one goal in mind; teaching the truth, so you can be free. Choose the eBook, Paperbound or DVD package today and prepare for the journey of a lifetime!

Be sure to bookmark this page  for future reference, if you forget the url, some of the best search terms to use to find this page again are return of Christ, Great Pyramid, Ark of the Covenant, UFO Sightings, Planet X, Planet Nibiru, DNA and Dr. Scott McQuate just to name a few.

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Planet Nibiru What You've Never Heard Before With Dr. Scott McQuate 

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"Dr. McQuate is brilliant and his research is truly unrivaled. I've researched Nibiru and related 'end-time' events for years, but have never found anything as eye-opening as what he teaches. It's incredible.'

  - John B., Inner Circle Member

"I've heard a lot of teachings from various pastors and professors, but Dr. McQuate never fails to thoroughly 'wow' me with his research." 

- Bill S., Inner Circle Member

"If you're wondering whether or not to join Dr. McQuate's Inner Circle, I can tell you, STOP WONDERING! I'm 68 years old, have heard all kinds of speakers and I can tell you that you  won't regret it for a second. You'll learn things that you just can't find anywhere else."

- Emily C, Inner Circle Member

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